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VIDEO: Patrick Bamford swallows Bergkamp with his hat-trick

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Take a closer look at this incredible Patrick Bamford hat-trick that made us reminisce about Dennis Bergkamp’s magical nights. 

Leeds United’s Patrick Bamford just made us remember how incredible Dennis Bergkamp was with an impressive hat-trick against Aston Villa. The stage was set for the ‘Villains’ to continue their rise in the Premier League as one of the few undefeated clubs left in the tournament. But they faced Marcelo Bielsa’s boys tonight and anything could happen at Villa Park.

The reason we are comparing the English striker to Dennis is very simple. Bergkamp’s finishing skills were very specific when he had the ball on his feet in front of the goal. He never cared about his position on the pitch or how many defenders were on him. At the slightest chance he had to release his shot, the Arsenal legend always took it with spectacular results.

It was almost like a magician who takes doves out of his hat, you never expected a curler from a strange angle from Dennis. That’s exactly what Bamford did today with two of his three goals. But everything happened so fast that you could miss it if you blinked during the game. Thank god for replays. 

Even Bielsa was surprised by Bamford’s goals. 

Up until ten minutes into the second half, the game could’ve gone either way for Villa or Leeds. Bamford appeared out of nowhere to score the opening goal with a classic centre-forward tap-in. Twelve minutes later, he got a pass on the outskirts of the box and he didn’t seem with enough space to maneuver.

With three defenders on him, Patrick released a missile to the top corner that left everybody stunned. That left foot of his has both power and grace. To seal Bergkamp-esque performance, Bamford got himself inside the box and released another surprising shot.

This time it was a curler to the far corner, just like Dennis used to score them at Arsenal. We will leave a few examples of the Gunners legend’s best goals for you to enjoy next to Banford’s two stunners. A well-deserved match ball for Bielsa’s top striker.