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VIDEO: Neymar returns to football with a loss and a red card

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After more than a month away from activity due to an injury, Neymar returned to football with a fresh defeat and a red card vs Lille. 

We were just talking about Neymar’s changed attitude off the pitch that could help him avoid new drama at PSG. But his attitude inside the pitch is still concerning, especially when his side is losing the game. We get that a winning mentality may get you in trouble sometimes, but Neymar really lost his cool today. After coming back from more than a month with no activity at PSG, he finally got his first start in a crunch match.

The game against Lille was vital for PSG’s title aspirations against one of the top football clubs in the country. This is not like previous campaigns, we are looking at a competitive opposition in clubs like Lille, Lens, Olympique Lyon, and AS Monaco. All of these teams quickly understood that they needed to compete against a giant like PSG and they proved it today. 

Neymar loses his cool near the end. 

After David’s early goal, Lille kept attacking PSG but Keylor Navas saved them on several occasions. His interventions allowed his teammates to remain confident on a possible equalizer late in the game. However, they didn’t expect to get this ghastly mistake from Neymar. In a disputed ball against Tiago Djalo, Neymar committed a stupid foul that gave him the second yellow card.

He got into an altercation with the defender and both of them got sent off. With this latest setback, Neymar is set to miss PSG’s visit to Strasbourg. However, the bright side of this is that he held his own until the 90th minute. The upcoming match against Bayern Munich will be vital for PSG, they need a player like Neymar if they want to get a good result.