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VIDEO: Joshua Kimmich scores insane winner for Bayern Munich

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Let’s take a look at the insane moment of brilliance that Joshua Kimmich produced during the DFL German Supercup for Bayern Munich. 

That image of Joshua Kimmich getting instructions from Pep Guardiola will never be forgotten by Bayern Munich supporters. The Catalan manager knew the amazing player he was grooming to become the Bavarian club’s leader. His predictions about the young star became a reality today after an impressive demonstration of winning spirit.

Right when the game was at the most difficult, Kimmich was the one who stepped up to deliver the title to his teammates. Moments like this are the ones that turn players into world-class superstars. We will do our best effort to describe the whole situation that led to Kimmich making the choices he took during the second half.

Borussia Dortmund was the most formidable opponent Bayern could face at this specific time and they responded in style. It also happened during a difficult week in which they received four goals in the Bundesliga after a long streak of victories. 

Erling Haaland almost eclipses Kimmich.

The game’s second half was the most interesting of the 90 minutes we enjoyed at Allianz Arena. Erling Haaland got more confidence after setting Julan Brandt up with a goal before half-time. The kid was willing to do anything for his first trophy with Dortmund, which he felt within his grasp for a few minutes.

The whole world was starting to give mad props to this young striker after scoring the equalizer in a key moment of the game. Bayern was literally against the ropes, which was the ideal time for a moment of brilliance. We simply didn’t know if it would come from Dortmund or Bayern. With eight minutes left on the clock, Kimmich recovered a ball that left him with two teammates against two Dortmund defenders.

The German defender played the classic one-two with Lewandowski but he stumbled down when he received the ball back. It seemed he would miss a clear chance to win the title. However, the fighting spirit that Guardiola praised so much was present. Joshua managed to kick the ball from the ground and score an unbelievable goal that made Bayern the champion once more.