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VIDEO: Arsenal fans protest outside of Emirates Stadium

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Ahead of Arsenal’s match against Everton, Gunners’ supporters gathered outside of Emirates Stadium to protest the club’s owner. 

Arsenal supporters are not happy with the owner’s apology from this week after the European Super League fiasco. In fact, none of the fans from any club that was involved in this are happy and they want retribution. There is still general outrage over the clubs that attempted to break away from the Premier League last Sunday. All supporters are demanding for the chairmen to step down from their positions or sell the club to new owners.

In Arsenal’s case, the fans are fed up with Stan Kroenke for attempting to destroy the Premier League as we know it. Just like it happened with other clubs over the previous days, fans knew exactly when to gather outside of the stadium. Today, all Gunner supporters’ voices are being heard by an owner who clearly lacks understanding of what a club like Arsenal is all about. 

Arsenal fans want Kroenke’s head. 

Ahead of the match between Arsenal and Everton, the North London club supporters are demanding Stan Kroenke’s resignation. Although getting him to sell the club is nearly impossible, the fans truly believe they can do it. With countless signs and chantings outside the Emirates, the multitude of people is an impressive sight to see. In the early hours of the afternoon, fans started coming to the outskirts of Emirates Stadium to do their part.

Also, the other 14 Premier League club owners and chairmen are demanding for these six clubs to drop their boards completely. They consider what happened a sanctionable offense and they are asking for justice to be served. Will Stan Kroenke step down from his position?