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Vidal mocks Bayern and the Bundesliga

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Arturo Vidal has fired shots at Bayern Munich and the quality of the Bundesliga ahead of the big Champions League clash.

Much is made about the all round quality of Europe’s so called top five leagues. Be it the Premier League, La Liga Serie A , Ligue 1 and even the Bundesliga, there are the top few and then the rest.

It is considered that some have more stragglers than others, but regardless all five divisions are considered the best on the continent if not the world.

Arturo Vidal has played in three of them. He was a Champion at Juventus in Serie A, then with Bayern in the Bundesliga and also with Barcelona in  La Liga.

The Chilean international is about to go head to head with former side Bayern in the Champions League quarter-final. He has some rather choice words of mockery regarding the level of opponent the Bavarians are used to facing.

In an interview reported by Sport, he did not hold back.

Vidal said:

“I have paid close attention to what has been said from the Bayern environment because I have been there and I know that what is said outside is not what is thought in the dressing room.”

“But  tomorrow they will not play against the Bundesliga teams, they play against the best team in the world, Barça.”

” It is the most important game of the year and if we do what we have to do, we will be in the semifinals. high hopes of winning this championship.”

Vidal better hope that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is wrong about Alphonso Daves then.