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Vidal: Bravo & I will never be friends again

Arturo Vidal, Claudio Bravo, Chile
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Arturo Vidal announced that he will never be friends with Claudio Bravo again, despite vowing to continue co-operating with each other while representing Chile.

The story of Vidal and Bravo’s relationship hitting a breakpoint began in October 2017, which was when a 3-0 defeat to Brazil cost Chile a qualification spot for the 2018 World Cup.

It was a surprise outcome considering Chile had won back-to-back Copa America titles in 2015 and 2016, leading to a wild flurry of theories as to what went wrong. One that stood out was from Bravo’s wife, Carla Pardo.

She blamed some players for partying too much on social media shortly after the Brazil defeat, leaving Vidal fuming.

“But when they put on the shirt, it has to be with professionalism. I know that most of them bust their asses, while others were leaving parties and even did not train from the drunkenness they were carrying,” she wrote in part of her message.

The Barcelona midfielder’s relationship with Bravo, therefore, has never been the same. He’s vowed in the past they’ll never be friends again, and that stance hasn’t changed to this day.

“I know the codes, I respect my colleagues. When the triumphs are, we are all friends, but when it is lost, loyalty is lost. I do not share that,” Vidal said on Daniel Habif’s YouTube channel.

“Friends we will never be again, but teammates to defend the national team we will be with great strength. He will do the maximum and so will I. In football not everyone is friends, but other things happen on the pitch.”

Vidal and Bravo will likely team-up again for Chile in the upcoming South American World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay on October 8 and Colombia five days later.

Bravo, meanwhile, has also joined Vidal in La Liga upon completing a free transfer from Manchester City to Real Betis on Sunday.