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Van Dijk reflects on his time injured and his recovery

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During his long recovery process, Virgil van Dijk wanted to reflect on the time he spent on the sidelines and spoke about his return. 

Virgil van Dijk’s injury is arguably the biggest reason Liverpool hasn’t been able to live up to the standards this season. The Dutch defender became one of the most impressive defenders in the world during the three years he played at the highest level. In his mind, he hopes he can soon return to that level after a long period without any activity. However, we still need to see if his knee will respond to the same level of stress it was used to before the injury.

Although it’s highly unlikely he will return to play for Liverpool this season, Virgil is expected to come back in time for the Euros. During this recovery process, Van Dijk has learned quite a bit of new aspects of his physical conditioning that weren’t so present to him. Today, he can say that he is a more complete player due to all these new trades. 

Van Dijk won’t take anything for granted. 

This is what Van Dijk said in an interview with JBL, one of his sponsors: “In this period of being injured, it makes you think about loads of stuff. And appreciate even more what you’ve got. Obviously, it’s not easy, but the most important thing for me is to stay true to myself and work as hard as I can. So, if the time comes back and I’ll be back playing again. Then I just have to enjoy every bit of it and try to be the best player I can be. I won’t take anything for granted. I just work, enjoy, have a smile on my face and try to stay fit.

“To be honest the information I have at the moment, it will be unlikely. Not that I wouldn’t let them go but because of the extent of the injuries. It’s not about talking which competition they can play in. As far as I know, and I am always open for positive surprises and they all of a sudden show up in training. Nobody told me (they are nearly ready). We all hope they will be ready to start the pre-season with us. These are really serious injuries.”