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Uruguayan players demand FA overturn Cavani’s ban

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There is a new twist to the Edinson Cavani ban as the Uruguayan FA and players have come together to demand the FA overturn any punishment whatsoever.

The Uruguayan Professional Footballers Association has condemned the FA’s decision and come out in support of Cavani.

The decision from the FA to ban the United forward alongside a hefty fine is one that has caused plenty of controversy so far.

The word ‘Negrito’ was termed racist by the FA but it appears it might have been taken out of context with Cavani clearly meaning no harm based on the events leading to the use of that word.

The 33-year-old alongside Manchester United have not contested the decision so far but there is a new twist to the whole saga.

Just when we thought the whole case has been swept under the rug, the Uruguayan FA are not ready to let this one side. In a statement by the country’s football association, they have now accused the English FA of being ‘racist’ as well.

The statement criticizes the flawed decision making from the FA, commenting: “Far from condemning racism, the English FA has itself committed a discriminatory act against the culture and the way of life of the Uruguayan people.”

Interestingly, some Uruguayan players have also posted the statement, Lucas Torreira who plays for Arsenal and is on loan at Atletico Madrid was the first to do so.

Inter Milan defender Diego Godin also posted the statement on his Twitter account.

Cavani has already served one match of his three game ban, and the second is set to take place against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup this Wednesday.

It is unlikely the ex-PSG man will suddenly be ruled available to play, but it would be good news for Solskjaer if he had the veteran forward to call upon.