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Update on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s recent injury vs Napoli

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After falling injured against Napoli on Sunday, we finally have the latest update on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s most recent problems. 

During AC Milan’s match against Napoli, we could see Zlatan Ibrahimovic touching the back of his leg on the sidelines. It was evident something was not okay with the Swedish striker and he needed the doctors to look at him. During the same match, Zlatan had scored a brace in the first half that eventually helped his side win another three points in Serie A.

Ibrahimovic’s involvement on this team is massive and his loss can be catastrophic for the current leaders in the competition. Out of the 19 goals they scored so far, Zlatan has been involved in 11 of them between his 10 strikes and one assist. It’s safe to say that the Rossoneri will lose most of their firepower if Zlatan doesn’t play for a long time.

With all the medics looking at him during the second half, the striker finally gave up. The discomfort on his face was too hard to avoid, Zlatan had a serious injury and needed to step out of the pitch. All we wanted was an update on his condition but the AC Milan doctors weren’t encouraging after the initial diagnostic. 

This is the extent of Zlatan’s injury. 

We already suspected this was a muscular injury on his hamstring but we finally got confirmation. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a hamstring tear that will at least keep him out of the game for 10 days before they conduct a proper scan. The injury needs to create scar tissue while healing and see if it can close on its own.

In the worst-case scenario, the star could miss up to five matches between two competitions. That is the Europa League games against Lille, Celtic, and Sparta Prague. While in Serie A, he would miss the game against Fiorentina and Sampdoria. The plan is to wait for him to recover completely in order to become available to play against Parma on December 13.

But we all know how resilient Ibrahimovic can be. If he recovers faster than usual, we might see him return before the doctors expect him. In the latest update, Sky Sport Italy is reporting the veteran could be out of the game between three and four weeks.