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Uli Hoeness criticizes David Alaba’s agent Pini Zahavi

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Bayern Munich have taken the Bundesliga hostage for their starlets but the club does not like it when the players’ agents deal similar treatment. 

Bayern Munich were sneaky in their dealings for Leroy Sane. Manchester City got the rough end of the stick but they kept quiet. 

The German side does not like it when the tables are reversed. Former Preseident, Uli Hoeness launched a scathing attack on Liverpool and Manchester United. He does not appreciate their approach for Thiago Alcantara. 

Similarly, Hoeness is not pleased with dealing with agents. Especially if the agent is telling his client to leave Allianz Arena for an offer away.

This is the situation with David Alaba and Pini Zahavi, and the retired Bayern supremo does not like it.

“He has a greedy piranha for an agent,” the former president was quoted by Goal

“He lets himself be influenced by him very much. This is really all about the money. He is already at the best club in the world. 

“Where else would he go? We had a coffee several times over the past weeks, but because of Zahavi there has not been a result yet.”

Alaba turned 28 in June and is looking at this last big contract. Given the shelf life of footballers, he is dancing to his agent’s tune and it seems to be working.