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Tuchel issues title challenge to Guardiola’s Manchester City

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Ahead of the FA Cup semifinal, Thomas Tuchel issued a title challenge to Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City for next season. 

Thomas Tuchel doesn’t only trust his Chelsea squad can eliminate Guardiola’s Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinal tomorrow. He also believes that next season will be very different in terms of competitive clubs that will fight to win the Premier League. In fact, the German manager is convinced that the Blues will definitely be a title contender for the upcoming season.

Although his players need to think about tomorrow first, Tuchel is very excited about the results they might get next year. Keep in mind that Chelsea and Manchester City are the only two English clubs that made it to the Champions League semifinals. This might very well be a prelude to a possible final, which adds a little more spice to tomorrow’s game. On one side, the Citizens are looking to keep their quadruple dreams alive. On the other side, Tuchel’s teams want to surprise everybody with their shot at two titles this season. 

Tuchel is eager to face Pep Guardiola. 

Due to their past in the Bundesliga, Thomas Tuchel already competed with Pep Guardiola in the past. As per BBC Sport, this is what the Chelsea manager said: “We have to accept there is a gap between us and Manchester City. If you look at the fixture in the Premier League and the fixtures in the last years we have to accept this. And it’s important that we accept this without making ourselves too small. From day one of next season, we will hunt them. We will try to close the gap between us.

“We have to admit there is a gap but for 90 minutes we are very self-aware and very self-confident that we believe we can close the gap tomorrow for one game. When he was coach at Barcelona I didn’t have the chance to know him personally, but I was watching almost every game. I was very impressed by the way they made success happen, by the style they were playing, all the academy guys, the offensive ball possession.”