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Tuchel finally finds Kai Havertz’s ideal position at Chelsea

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After a thunderous performance against Crystal Palace, Thomas Tuchel finally found Kai Havertz’s ideal position at Chelsea. 

Kai Havertz’s arrived at Chelsea to a manager who didn’t fully understand his capabilities, but Thomas Tuchel finally did it. The Germany international struggled to get there for a few months but today, he proved where he can be more resourceful. After scoring the first goal of the evening, he was central in the Blues’ game today with a creative role.

At Bayer Leverkusen, we began getting a sense of the playmaker he can become in the future. But Frank Lampard never understood his true position on the pitch, which should be as a striker with the freedom to move where he likes. Instead of offering him that room to maneuver, Lampard always wanted to restrict him by making him stay in the middle more often. But Tuchel quickly started coaching him to find that place on the pitch again. 

Havertz is thrilled with his new role. 

After the match, Havertz spoke to Sky Sports about the ‘false nine’ position: “Yeah, I like it (the false nine role),” Havertz said. “I think it’s a good position for me. I have the freedom to go everywhere I want to go and yeah, of course, I hope I can continue like that. Of course, in my position, you always want to score. In the last few months, it was not easy and I didn’t have many chances. Today, I got some chances, I think I can score one or two more but of course I’m happy and we’re happy with the result.

“I think in the second half, I had one or two more chances where I could have scored more goals, but it wasn’t to be and on Tuesday, we move on. I think it’s always easy to play with players that have the quality and I know about it every day in training. When you win 4-1, it’s easy to say that we are a good attacking team, but I think we have to prove that on Tuesday and Saturday again and then at the end of the season, we can talk about it.”