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Tottenham get in the way of Manchester United’s bid for Reguilon

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After rejecting the terms of an offer from Manchester United, Real Madrid just got a fresh one from Tottenham Hotspur for Sergio Reguilon.

Sergio Reguilón has been courted by Manchester United during the previous days. But Tottenham Hotspur is getting in the way of the negotiations. Jose Mourinho is finally starting to get what he wants from Daniel Levy.

The Portuguese manager wasn’t sure if the Spurs’ chairman would splash the cash to sign new players. He finally got his answer today. Sergio Reguilon is considered one of the most sought after players in Europe right now.

His previous season with Sevilla was absolutely stellar and several clubs in the continent are keen on signing him for €30 million. However, Real Madrid is aware of how valuable their asset is. It’s obvious they don’t want to get rid of him completely. 

Florentino Perez is asking for specific terms with this deal for Reguilon. The plan is to give Los Blancos a buyout option clause in the new contract that the player signs.

This would allow the Spanish giants to sign him for an established price if they choose to get him back. This same deal is usually penned by the club’s board for many academy products. 

Manchester United refused to agree on these terms. 

The idea was to accept the €30 million bid from Manchester United as long as they accepted the buy back terms. However, the Red Devils refused and Tottenham Hotspur quickly saw the window of opportunity.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano revealed that the North London club made a formal offer for the young full-back. Real Madrid is seriously considering it. Jose Mourinho doesn’t mind accepting to Florentino’s terms in Reguilon’s contract.

This places the player much closer to the Spurs as he ever was to Man United. It seems like a matter of time before Reguilon and Real Madrid part ways. The Spanish right-back seems Tottenham bound.