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Top teams from Serie A are ready for the season

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All major transfers are already made during the first open market but more changes will be made in teams that need to figure out how to spend the budget properly. Only the top teams can afford to get any player they like and Juventus is doing just that.

Most of the leagues in Europe start in August and that’s when the transfer market closes. Many players from English Premier League are going to Serie A. This season, sports betting will be very fun considering how many teams are changing players and playstyle.

The World Cup will have a big impact at the beginning of the season. The league will stop on November 13 and resume in January because WC ends on 18 December. The fixtures are already released so you can figure out your bets on time.

Pogba and Di Maria in Juve

After an average season in Manchester United, Paul Pogba decided to return to Juventus this season. He’s still a very talented player and with his experience, he will definitely do well in Serie A. This transfer wasn’t a surprise according to Italian media but there are some speculations about the starting 11.

One of the fans’ favorites was the deal with Di Maria that played for PSG for the past 7 seasons and he had great success with them. The decision was planned in advance considering that it was a free transfer and he was looking for a great deal that Juve offered.

Di Maria already played for Juventus 10 years ago and he will probably stay for the same period of time because the contract ends in 2023. There’s a big chance this will be his last season in Italy.

Fiorentina welcomes Luka Jovic

Moving to Fiorentina was probably the best move that Luka Jovic could make after leaving Real Madrid. When he joined the team, he was under a lot of pressure and many people expected too much from him which didn’t result well. He didn’t score enough and after winning the Champions League, he should focus on improving his gameplay.

Even if some fans think that he doesn’t have anything to show in Fiorentina, they need to find a substitute after Vlahovic left Fiorentina for Juventus. He scored only 3 goals for Real Madrid but managers say that going to a lower-rated team will help him prove that he is worth those $65 million.

The old Milan might be back

Milan is one of the most well-known names in football and a couple of decades ago they had all the best players in the world in their squad. After that team collapsed, it was hard for them in the upcoming years because other teams rose to the top. But, in 2022 they managed to win the Serie A title with the return of Ibrahimovic to the team.

Their new transfer is confirmed and Origi is already with the team preparing for the season. He’s 27 and he had an amazing time in Liverpool but they didn’t manage to win the title or Champions League in 2022. He is planning to stay in Milan which is why he signed a 4-year contract expiring in 2026.

Lukaku returns

Romelu Lukaku is in the top 10 most expensive players in the world even if he had a really bad season in the past few years. The Chelsea deal was the most expensive, reaching $140 million but the deal with Inter costs only $10 million. This was a great deal for them considering that they don’t have a strong forward player.

Lukaku will have a leading role in Inter after the arrival of a few new players that need to adapt to the squad. Besides Romelu, Correa joined the team from Lazio and a few more key players like Mkhitaryan. The most expensive transfer was Correa which cost around $24 million. The Serie A will be very interesting to watch this season and Juventus will have a hard time getting to the title.