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Top 5 stars who can help Ronaldo win trophies for Portugal

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Ahead of a new international break, it’s time to see the Top 5 Portugal stars who can help Cristiano Ronaldo win more titles. 

Cristiano Ronaldo enters another great chapter of his international career with Portugal where he will need help from the other stars. It’s no longer a time when he was one of the few players who could make a difference for his national team. Today, there are many incredible talents Ronaldo can rely on for titles. Although he already won the previous European Championship, there are many more challenges ahead of his career over the next two years. We can’t forget he still wants to play the World Cup in 2022. It’s time we spoke about the Top 5 Portugal stars who can help Ronaldo win more titles before he retires. 

5.- Pepe

Similar to Ronaldo, Pepe is currently reaching an impressive level on a new spell at FC Porto. Against Cristiano’s Juventus, he was arguably the man of the match who prevented the Bianconeri from scoring any goals. During their time at Real Madrid, these two formed a brotherly bond that will continue in Portugal. This is one of the last rides they will take together and Pepe wants to make his captain proud. 

4.- Bernardo Silva

As part of a new generation of talented playmakers Portugal produced, Bernardo is one of the most reliable players who can perform next to Ronaldo in any match. Cristiano is confident that the Manchester City star can be important against some of the most competitive rivals out there. Even though he kind of stepped back for a few months, Pep Guardiola managed to recover Bernardo’s best version right on time for the Euros. 

3.- Joao Felix

Even if you don’t want to admit it, Joao Felix is the one player who has the talent to someday become Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement in the Portugal national team. Currently, he is going through a difficult period in his career at Atletico Madrid. However, Joao is confident that Ronaldo can help him overcome these obstacles through his advice. Perhaps adapting to Diego Simeone’s system will take him longer than expected, but Portugal’s formation suits him perfectly. 

2.- Ruben Dias

Alongside the top pick of this list, Ruben Dias is hands down one of the most impressive Portuguese players of the season. His work at Manchester City proved him as the defender to play alongside veteran Pepe. With both of those centre-backs defending Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo can rest easy knowing he has two of the best in the business. If Dias finishes the season with several titles as a Manchester City star, he will gain even more confidence for the Euros that will happen later this year. 

1.- Bruno Fernandes

Cristiano Ronaldo must be thrilled to have such an accomplished playmaker right beside him, and an equally competitive star as well. Bruno’s mentality is very similar to what Cristiano Ronaldo has been doing over the last two decades. In terms of stats, Bruno is the one player who can already be compared to his captain. Together, they are threatening the opposition for both the Euros and next year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar.