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Top 5 German midfielders in FIFA 23

Toni Kroos at Real Madrid
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Let’s check out the best German midfielders that you can add to your FIFA 23 team.

When it comes to dominating the midfield in FIFA 23, German players have always been a force to be reckoned with.
In this article, we will explore the top 5 German midfielders in FIFA 23, their ratings, and why they deserve a place in your ultimate team.

5- Serge Gnabry (85)

Serge Gnabry, the talented winger turned midfielder, is a force to be reckoned with on the virtual pitch. Known for his blistering pace, excellent dribbling, and deadly finishing, Gnabry’s overall rating of 85 makes him a valuable asset in FIFA 23. With his ability to create chances and score goals, he provides a dynamic attacking option from midfield.

4- Leon Goretzka (87)

Leon Goretzka, the powerhouse in the center of the park, boasts an impressive overall rating of 87 in FIFA 23. Combining physicality with technical finesse, Goretzka is a versatile midfielder capable of dominating both defensively and offensively. His exceptional passing range, solid defensive attributes, and goal-scoring ability make him a well-rounded choice for any midfield.

3- Thomas Müller (87)

Thomas Müller, the maestro of intelligent movement and precise passing, is a standout midfielder in FIFA 23 with an overall rating of 87. Known for his exceptional positioning and vision on the pitch, Müller’s ability to unlock defenses and create goal-scoring opportunities is second to none. His versatility to play in various attacking positions adds another layer of value to his gameplay.

2- Toni Kroos (88)

Toni Kroos, the midfield metronome, has long been regarded as one of the best passers in the game. With an overall rating of 88 in FIFA 23, Kroos possesses exceptional vision, ball control, and accuracy in his passing. His ability to control the tempo of the game and distribute the ball with pinpoint precision makes him an invaluable asset in any midfield setup.

1- Joshua Kimmich (89)

At the top of the list is Joshua Kimmich, the epitome of a complete midfielder. With an overall rating of 89 in FIFA 23, Kimmich offers a rare blend of technical brilliance, defensive solidity, and tireless work rate. Equally adept at breaking up play and initiating attacks, Kimmich’s versatility to play in multiple positions adds to his appeal. His exceptional passing, tackling, and overall football intelligence make him a must-have player in any team.