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Top 5 German Defenders in FIFA 23

Mats Hummels
"Mats Hummels - 2022236200008 2022-08-24 Champions for Charity - Sven - 1D X MK II - 1999 - AK8I4356" by Sven Mandel is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Here are the best German defenders that you can add to your FIFA 23 team.

Ever since their “Golden Era” of the 70s, Germany have introduced some of the greatest defenders in football history. Die Mannschaft have struggled to form a solid backline in recent years, but there are still several world-class German defenders to add to your FIFA 23 team.

Let’s check out the best German defenders in FIFA 23.

5- Jonathan Tah (82)

Bayer Leverkusen’s Jonathan Tah has earned himself a respectable rating of 82 in FIFA’s newest edition. Known for his physical presence and aerial prowess, Tah is a formidable force in defense. His strength and ability to make crucial tackles make him a valuable asset for any team.

4- Robin Gosens (82)

Robin Gosens, an exciting left-back who plays for Atalanta in Serie A, also boasts an 82 rating in FIFA 23. Known for his exceptional stamina and attacking prowess, Gosens has been a key contributor to Atalanta’s success in recent years. His ability to contribute both defensively and offensively makes him an attractive option for virtual managers.

3- Mats Hummels (84)

Mats Hummels, a well-established name in German football, retains his status as one of the top-rated defenders in FIFA 23 with a rating of 84. Currently plying his trade for Borussia Dortmund, Hummels is renowned for his composure, excellent positioning, and exceptional ball-playing skills. His experience and leadership qualities make him a reliable choice for any team.

2- Niklas Süle (85)

Another Dortmund star, Niklas Süle, is highly regarded in FIFA 23 with an impressive rating of 85. Standing tall at 6’5″, Süle possesses exceptional strength, solid defensive skills, and excellent anticipation. His physicality and ability to win aerial duels make him a formidable presence in the backline.

1- Antonio Rudiger (87)

Taking the top spot among German defenders in FIFA 23 is Antonio Rudiger, who currently plays for Real Madrid. With an outstanding rating of 87, Rudiger has solidified his position as one of the best defenders in the game. Known for his pace, strong tackling, and astute positional awareness, Rudiger is a highly reliable and versatile defender who can excel in various defensive roles.