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Top 5 games to watch in January 2021’s second week

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It’s time to take a look at the Top 5 most exciting games to watch during January 2021’s second weekend throughout Europe. Exciting matches!

European football in 2021 takes a step forward during the second week of January with several great matches taking place all over Europe. We decided to make a Top 5 of the most exciting confrontations between many clubs in various competitions. There will be five different competitions we are going to cover in today’s list, all of them very important. In some cases, there are two titles on the line from France and Spain. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 list of the best matches from January 2021’s second week in Europe. 

5.- Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla.

We begin a busy week with a Spanish La Liga match at the Metropolitano. Atletico Madrid is trying to play at home after the Filomena phenomenon ravaged the Madrid community. Chances are the weather won’t be as difficult as it was over the weekend. This is one of Atletico Madrid’s three pending La Liga matches. Sevilla is a complicated opponent that might balance things out in the tournament a little bit. 

4.- PSG vs Olympique Marseille.

The French Supercup will take place on Wednesday between PSG and Olympique Marseille in one of the first trophies of 2021. There is still no confirmation to see if Neymar will make it to this final but Mauricio Pochettino still has hpes he might. If not, the Argentine manager still has Kylian Mbappe to rely on. Let’s see if the new coach came with that fortune PSG needs and can win the first title of his career. 

3.- Spanish Supercup.

This is not just a game but a full tournament that will take place in Spain. First, we have Real Sociedad playing FC Barcelona in the city of Cordoba. This is part of the first semifinal in the Spanish Supercup on Wednesday. A day after that, Real Madrid play against Athletic Club Bilbao in the other semifinal. Winners from both matches will face in the final on Sunday for the first trophy in Spanish football throughout the current season. 

2.- Liverpool vs Manchester United.

Moving on to the first of two main courses, we have the Premier League returns this weekend with a hyped game at the top of the table. Liverpool gets a visit from Manchester United in one of the biggest games of the weekend. We are actually getting these two to face each other twice after their FA Cup confrontation was confirmed earlier today. 

1.- Inter Milan vs Juventus.

Finally, we have the main event of the weekend with Juventus visiting Inter Milan. The Bianconeri already beat the other club from the city and they are coming for more. This time, they are playing against the second place in Serie A. A victory would get them a lot closer to the top of the table than before. Juventus face Genoa in Coppa Italia during the week but it’s only a prelude to the game that’s coming. Quite an exciting week for football fans all over the world.