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Top 5 Fastest Goals in Serie A History

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Who has scored the fastest goal ever registered in Serie A?

In the fast-paced world of football, every second counts. Scoring an early goal can set the tone for an entire match and instantly shift its momentum. Serie A has witnessed some lightning-fast strikes over the years.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 fastest goals in Serie A history.

5- Gianfranco Matteoli (10 seconds)

In a match between Inter and Cesena, Gianfranco Matteoli etched his name in the history books by scoring in a mere 10 seconds. Matteoli’s lightning-fast start caught the Cesena defence off guard and provided Inter with an early match-winner.

4- Marco Branca (9.48 seconds)

In a clash between Udinese and Fiorentina in January 1993, Marco Branca showcased his lightning speed by finding the back of the net in just 9.48 seconds. His quick thinking and precision allowed Fiorentina to take an early lead as they defeated their opponents 4-0.

3- Hirving Lozano (9.28 seconds)

A match between Verona and Napoli on January 24, 2021, saw Hirving Lozano demonstrate his explosive acceleration. With only 9.28 seconds on the clock, Lozano capitalized on a defensive lapse, scoring Napoli’s opening goal of the night.

2- Paolo Poggi (8.36 seconds)

Former Piacenza star Paolo Poggi left the Fiorentina defence in disarray as he found the net in just 8.36 seconds during a Serie A match on January 24, 2021. Poggi’s lightning-quick strike caught everyone by surprise and set the stage for his side’s surprising 3-1 win at the Artemio Franchi Stadium.

1- Rafael Leao (6.76 seconds)

Topping our list is a breathtaking goal by Rafael Leao during the Sassuolo vs Milan match on December 20, 2020. With a blistering burst of speed and an accurate finish, Leao scored the fastest goal in Serie A history only 6.76 seconds into the game. His record-breaking strike helped Milan beat their opponents 2-1.