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TOP 4 Italian Serie A 2022/2023: preview

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The current draw of the Italian Serie A is coming to an end.

The Italian football champion is determined and most of the teams that are relegated are as well. So the biggest intrigue in the remaining rounds is who will finish in the strongest four other than Napoli and get tickets to the UEFA Champions League for next season.

The main contenders for the three remaining places to play in the Champions League are: Juventus, Lazio, Inter and Milan. If you want to bet on Italian football and earn money, we advise you to do it on pin-up uz.


The Black and Whites are holding a good championship and after 34 rounds they are on the second line in the standings. At the same time, Juventus was ahead of the second Lazio by two credit points. Having won 20 victories, the “old lady” drew 6 times and suffered 8 defeats. In 2023, the Zebras lost to Napoli (twice), Monza, Roma, Lazio and Sassuolo. That is, the lion’s share of losses occurred in the period from January to April. With one of the worst defenses in the strongest six, Massimiliano Allegri’s team plays well in defense, conceding less than one goal per match on average.

In the remaining four rounds, Juve will face Cremonese, Empoli, Milan and Udinese. In addition to the duel at San Siro, in other matches, the “old lady” is able to score points regularly, which means that it is highly likely that she will finish in the top four. Most likely, “black and white” will even be able to try on a set of silver or bronze medals at the end of the championship.



“White-sky-blue” after 34 matches of the championship had good chances to finish in the top four. Two points behind second Juventus, Lazio was one point ahead of third Inter. Having won in 19 matches, the Eagles have drawn 7 times and lost in 8 cases. At the same time, 5 defeats from Lecce, Atalanta, Torino, Inter and Milan were this year. The end of April and the beginning of May turned out to be extremely unsuccessful for the “eagles”. However, the wards of Maurizio Sarri can still add to the end of the tournament.

In Serie A, the Blue-and-Whites are left to play with Lecce, Udinese, Cremonese and Empoli. All rivals are not particularly formidable, and if the brainchild of Claudio Lotito makes every effort, then it may well score quite a lot of points. So the chances of finishing in the top four for Ciro Immobile and company are quite good.


The Black-and-Blues do not look very stable in the domestic league. Having won 20 victories, three times in the world and lost 11 times (most of all in the top six), the guys of Simone Inzaghi by the 34th round are on the fourth line in the tournament. One point behind third Lazio, Inter were two points ahead of Milan. At the same time, the “snakes” had one of the strongest attacks in the league. More Internationale in Serie A scored only Napoli.

In the remaining four rounds of the championship, the inhabitants of Giuseppe Meazza will play with Sassuolo, Napoli, Atalanta and Torino. The opponents are quite difficult and it will be hard for the Black-and-Blues to get hold of a large number of points. So the chances of getting into the UEFA Champions League zone at the end of the season for the “snakes” are not very good.



The Red-Blacks have won the fewest victories in the current season of Serie A, namely 17, and after 34 rounds they are in 5th place. Also, Stefano Pioli’s guys tied 10 times and lost in 7 cases. Two points behind the fourth Inter, the “devils” were three ahead of the sixth Atalanta and the seventh Roma.

At the finish of the championship, the Rossoneri will play with Spezia, Sampdoria, Juventus and Verona. Only with the “zebras” Milan can have problems, and with the rest of the rivals, Davide Calabria and partners can score maximum points.

Our forecast

Lazio and Juventus have a slight advantage over their competitors, so the “white-sky-blue” and “black-white” are very likely to finish in the top three. For fourth place and the last ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season, Milan and Inter are likely to compete. The Rossoneri have a much simpler calendar and, with the right attitude, Stefano Pioli’s wards are able to score the required number of points and get ahead of the snakes.