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Top 3 Biggest wins in Aston Villa history

Aston Villa
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Let’s explore some of the greatest victories in Villa’s history.

As one of the oldest and most storied football clubs in England, Aston Villa has a rich history filled with remarkable victories that have left fans cheering for generations.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 biggest wins in Aston Villa’s illustrious history.

Aston Villa 11-1 Charlton Athletic (1959)

Aston Villa’s 1959 clash with Charlton Athletic remains one of the club’s most memorable matches. Under the guidance of manager Joe Mercer, Villa was determined to boost their goal tally. Mercer’s motivation worked wonders as Villa delivered a resounding 11-1 victory. Gerry Hitchens was the star of the show, scoring five goals in this remarkable win.

Aston Villa 12-2 Accrington (1892)

In March 1892, Aston Villa registered a record-breaking win in Division 1. Facing Accrington, Villa delivered an astonishing performance that saw them hit the back of the net an incredible 12 times. Jack Devey starred with a five-goal haul, setting a new record for goals scored in a single match. This victory is etched in Villa’s history as their largest league win ever, highlighting their dominance during that era.

Aston Villa 13-0 Wednesbury Old Athletic (1886)

Aston Villa’s first major trophy came in 1887 when they lifted the FA Cup, thanks in part to an incredible goal-scoring spree by Archie Hunter. In the first round of that historic run, Villa faced Wednesbury Old Athletic, and what followed was nothing short of astonishing. Three different Villa players – Albert Brown, Archie Hunter, and Dennis Hodgetts – all recorded hat-tricks in a resounding 13-0 victory. This match remains Villa’s most significant win in any competition, setting the tone for their future successes.