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Top 10 Real Madrid Galacticos signed by Florentino Perez

Real Madrid v Real Sociedad
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Now that Eden Hazard became the latest Real Madrid transfer, it’s time to talk about the Top 10 Galacticos brought by Florentino Perez.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez has a history of signing ‘Galacticos’.

This term is used to describe the most prestigious footballers in the world who were signed by him to represent Los Blancos.

There have been two different terms in which Perez performed as the club’s president.

The first time he took office, Florentino signed four players for really elevated prices who were considered ‘Galacticos’.

The second time, the chairman signed a total of six players who can also fit into this colorful description.

We will talk about the Top 10 Real Madrid Galacticos that Florentino brought to the club between both of his terms.

10.- Kaka – €67 million

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The Brazilian playmaker arrived next to Cristiano Ronaldo 10 years ago when Florentino Perez started his second term at the club.

Unfortunately, Kaka’s best years were long gone and he only collected checks without giving too much back to the institution.

The Brazil star suffered several injuries and left without helping his squad win a single Champions League.

9.- James Rodriguez – €75 million

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The Colombian player was one of the latest Galacticos that Florentino Perez decided to bring to Madrid.

The chairman was mesmerized by the Rodriguez’s World Cup performance in 2014, this was the reason he didn’t hesitate to pay an impressive €75 million to AS Monaco for his transfer.

8.- Karim Benzema €35 million

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Even though he is the “cheapest” Galactico from this list, Karim Benzema is one of the most prolific players that Florentino Perez brought to the club.

The French striker quickly became one of the president’s favorite players and he already is one of the most successful out of all the Galacticos.

7.- David Beckham – €37,5 million

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The Englishman became the last Galactico who came to Real Madrid during Florentino Perez’s first term as the club’s president.

Beckham wasn’t able to help the squad win another Champions League, but he did leave after winning La Liga trophy.

The Englishman is still fondly remembered by the fans, who consider him a successful transfer in the club’s history.

6.- Luis Figo – €60 million

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The Portuguese winger is arguably the most controversial signing that Florentino Perez ever made, he was the presentation card that won him the elections on his first term.

Figo is still regarded as a traitor in Barcelona for leaving to play at Real Madrid.

The Portuguese player won the 2002 UEFA Champions League alongside Raul and Zinedine Zidane.

5.- Eden Hazard – €100 million

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The latest of the ‘Galacticos’ and one of Zinedine Zidane’s biggest requests Florentino for the new project that he is putting together.

Eden Hazard dreamed of playing at Real Madrid since he was a small boy, he is set to be presented as Los Blancos’ player on Thursday.

4.- Gareth Bale €101 million

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The Welsh winger is arguably the player that made Florentino Perez suffer the most during the negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy for famous for being a tough negotiator, he agreed on a deal until the last day of the 2013 summer transfer window.

We all know how Bale’s arrival worked out, the Welshman is one of the most successful players in the club’s history.

3.- Ronaldo Nazario – €45 million

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The Brazilian was Florentino Perez biggest obsession right after the chairman won the UEFA Champions League before the World Cup summer of 2002.

Internazionale Milano didn’t want less than €98 million for his transfer, but Florentino lowered the final price to €45 million as per Transfermarkt.

This player is one of the beloved legends the club has, he won La Liga and a ‘Pichichi’ trophy during his time in Madrid.

2.- Zinedine Zidane – €75 million

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There is no way to understand Real Madrid’s modern triumphs without Zinedine Zidane’s presence on this list.

The Frenchman started “flirting” with Florentino Perez during a public event in 2001, the rest is history.

Zidane is not only one of the most prominent Galacticos, but he is also the most successful manager in the club’s history.

1.- Cristiano Ronaldo – €94 million

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Even though Florentino Perez didn’t do much in the negotiations with Manchester United to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, the president did pay the final fee for the Portuguese star.

Ronaldo is the biggest Galactico in the Florentino Perez era, it’s been 10 years since he was presented at the Bernabeu in front of 80,000 fans.

Replacing Ronaldo at Real Madrid will be almost impossible, only Kylian Mbappe could bring back the excitement that Cristiano brought to the Spanish club.

Which of these Galacticos is your favorite? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.