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Top 10 football betting killers tips and tactic in 2022 from Kubet

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Scrutinize carefully

The team you are betting on tonight has won the last 6 matches in a row. That information is really impressive. But not only that, but you also have to understand how effective their attack and defense are. Are they really good or just lucky? Will they be able to maintain their form?

You need to find out as much information as possible. It could be a side thing. But such details will help your betting and help you determine the “great bets” more effectively.

The higher-rated team doesn’t always win

This seems very obvious, but we are often blinded by the odds that the house offers.

Let’s look at an excellent example in tennis. Rafael Nadal’s match against Fabio Fognini at the Barcelona Open in April. The KU BET bookie ranks Nadal as the top heavyweight, with the odds of 1/10 (1.10 in decimal). That is, bet 10 to 1, bet $100, then profit $10.

On this pitch, that seems reasonable. Nadal is the king of clay and has a record 8 tournament championships.

But the bookie has overlooked one thing: Fognini beat Nadal on clay just a few months ago in Rio De Janeiro. Considering this coupled with the fact that Fognini is very good at picking top seeds, his 8/1 (= 9.0 decimal) ratio naturally becomes very attractive.

In the end, Fognini beat Nadal without losing a set.

The same is true in other sports. There are times when you should consider going for the bottom bet if it’s a sound and attractive investment. Instead of spending a big lump of money just to eat a few small coins with the illusion of winning. To do that, of course, you have to use tip #1. It is to grasp the situation.

The team with the higher rating won’t necessarily win. Olbg.com

The fewer options, the better

In fact, this is not a secret betting secret. It is very easy to understand, but gamblers always forget.

The fewer selections you bet on, the higher your chances of winning and vice versa!

If you bet to make money, think small, don’t be greedy. One team or one pick is enough, at most 3 or 4.

Although parlay bets are very attractive, did you know that for every selection added to your Bet Slip, your chances of losing are much higher? Maybe you guessed all correctly but only one wrong choice, you lose all. The house loves this.

Finally, I would like to inform you that the majority of house losses are from single bets.

Don’t follow the crowd

There are matches where from the press to the forums, from the public opinion to the experts, one side is certain to win. Those are dangerous matches, not as lucrative as you think. There is a saying “the majority is always right”, however, this is not always true in football betting.

People will often follow the crowd and listen to the opinions of many people. In football betting, you need to know that the majority is not necessarily right, the win always belongs to the few. But, in fact, the few always win.

Therefore, you need to be confident in yourself, don’t worry that you will fail when opposed to others. Stand your ground and try to stay strong to make a decision. Your confidence is already 50% of success.

Don’t bet with your heart

Maybe you really want your team to win. You want it so much that you start to convince yourself it will come. And then you bet on that belief.

The bookies love that. Because every week they collect a lot of money from home team fans.

Betting just because it’s your favorite team is a mistake. Love and money should not be confused! Make rational bets with the information you thoroughly study about that match. Don’t let your favorite football team bring you down! 

Not Greedy

Who among us does not have greed. However, if greed is misplaced or excessive, the consequences will be extremely serious. Football betting is a place for entertainment, a place to find exciting things. At the same time, this is the place to see where our luck is. However, many people have bottomless greed and consider betting as a “career” to make money but run after and lose all money.

Being greedy when betting is a big mistake. Thesun.ie

Bet big but lose, and many people have had to choose death to escape debt because of greed for gambling. At the same time, no matter how smart you are, you will always lose money if you are greedy.

When you have a betting goal, don’t think that you always win. Just like losing, you should not run after to remove. Knowing the right stop for you is a wise person.

Balance your budget accordingly

The next most effective football betting tip is that you need to know how to divide the amount of money involved in betting in the most appropriate way. This football betting method will help each player to ensure the capital. If you keep betting on emotion, do not divide your bets accordingly, then your account may be completely depleted on the first bet. Besides, the way the bets are also distributed partly speaks to your ability to analyze and read your match.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. I hope you have an enjoyable betting experience.

Thank you for reading!