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Toni Kroos to launch NFT collection in collaboration with Binance

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The Real Madrid star will release a Mystery Box collection with 6500 hidden art pieces.

Toni Kroos becomes the latest football player to enter the cryptocurrency market by releasing his own collection of non-fundable tokens (NFTs).

On Friday, Binance NFT officially announced their plan to launch a joint NFT project with the Real Madrid midfielder. The cryptocurrency company, who has built the collection with the support of NFTKings, will unveil the project on March 31.

The company’s announcement reads: “The release of the NFTs aims to offer new ways for the player to interact with his loyal fans, all while contributing to the charitable cause Kroos cares deeply about.

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“Binance-based NFTs are environmentally friendly thanks to the usage of Proof of Stake, and are available to a large swath of regular crypto fans, which makes the platform an ideal choice for the player.”

Kroos’ collection contains 6500 mystery boxes, with all the items being related to different phases of the German star’s career. There will be four classes of rarity for the NFTs: SSR (SuperSuperRare), SR (SuperRare), R (Rare) and N (Normal). 

NFT holders will receive unique perks and rewards from Kroos, including signed jerseys and memorabilia. The former Bayern Munich star will also donate part of the revenue to his charity foundation.

“It’s an entirely new way of interacting with your fans, almost like player cards in the digital age.” the 32-year-old said.

“For me it’s all about making my fans happy while supporting children suffering from debilitating sickness who receive help from the Foundation.”