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Three Juventus stars get fined for breaking quarantine rules

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According to a recent report, three Juventus stars broke Italy’s quarantine rules and might get punished by the club as an example. 

There are three Juventus players who are in deep trouble with the club after breaking Italy’s quarantine rules. According to Goal’s Romeo Agresti, these players were having a party on Wednesday night with ten other people. The players in question are Paulo Dybala, Arthur Melo, and Weston McKennie. After reports from the North American player’s neighbors were issued, the carabineri (local police) went to the location to dissolve the event.

There has been a lot of outrage over what happened and the supporters are demanding for Juventus to take action against these players. Footballers are supposed to lead by example, especially to small children who look up to them. This is not a good look for either of these players and the club is already investigating the incident further. 

Juventus could punish all three players. 

In the proper investigation conducted by Juventus, it is believed that a variety of different punishments are being considered. For starters, there’s the money fine that is a certain thing for all three players. However, the club is also considering further punishment for violating Italy’s strict rules against the coronavirus. This ranges from a suspension to a permanent ban from the club if the club considers the actions reprehensible.

No response from either of the players has been issued at this time of the day. The club is also dealing with this problem internally before making any public statements. As soon as they make a decision, a proper response is expected through all their official channels.