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Thiago explains why VAR is causing football to lose its way

Thiago Alcantara
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Liverpool and Spain midfielder Thiago Alcantara has opened up on why he believes VAR is damaging the game.

Thiago feels VAR ‘removes the essence’ of the game and also revealed his dislike for ‘modern football’.

Since VAR came into play, there have certainly some controversial moments. Many believe the technology has sucked out the raw passion for games, especially when it concerns delayed goal or foul decisions.

And now Thiago is the latest one to voice his opposition against VAR, which he believes is an example of how football is losing its way.

“Coaches can communicate with us better, players can communicate with each other more,” said the Liverpool midfielder as per by the Guardian.

“You lose competitiveness but develop other aspects. Extra substitutions mean teams that defend, defend to the 90th minute; teams that press you, press you to the end.

“I have that ‘hate modern football’ mentality; I’m more classic in attitude. And then there’s VAR, which I’ve always opposed. It removes the essence, the picaresque.

“We make mistakes when we play, referees have to make mistakes too. Lots of mythical moments wouldn’t exist [with VAR]. And when you score, even a brilliant goal from the halfway line, you’re waiting. Thinking: ‘I hope there isn’t a foul in the build-up, I hope there’s no offside, I hope’.”

Thiago could make his second appearance in Euro 2020 on Saturday evening for Spain’s Group E match against Poland in Seville.