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‘They are paid to be selfish’ Robertson speaks on Salah and Mane

Salah, Mane
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Liverpool star Andy Robertson has attempted to clear the air on reports that claim Salah and Mane don’t have the best of relationships.

Andy Robertson has refuted claims Liverpool star duo Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah are not the ‘best of friends’.

Both players have formed a key cog of the Reds attack over the past few years alongside Roberto Firmino.

However, some reports have claimed on many occasions that there still remains a sort of ‘disunity’ among the pair despite their success on the pitch.

Perhaps the best summary of the above claim came last season against Burnley when Salah ignored a call from teammate Mane and selfishly tried to go on goal all by himself. He ended up fluffing that chance and it would have easily been a tap-in for Mane if he was more generous to square that ball.

Mane was furious and made his thoughts known while he was taken off the pitch in that game. Robertson sees the pair better than most and has explained that such scenarios are only normal and shows the competitive nature of their squad.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo around the launch of his new AR26 charity, Robertson said: “The relationship [between the front players] off the pitch is really strong, and on the pitch, the link-up play and everything is always good.”

“But these players are also paid to be selfish and we need them to score goals and take risks in the final third, and we add [Diogo] Jota into that category now. When they are in front of goal, we expect them to shoot and score.”

“There have been certain occasions where people say Bobby could have passed, Sadio could have passed, or Mo could have passed, but these guys are paid money to make split-second decisions and score goals for us.”

A goal-hungry Diogo Jota has joined the mix and Robertson says fans can only expect better from the Red’s attack-line.

“The three, plus Diogo, are incredible players and they have all showed that since they have come to the club at the highest level.” he continued.

“The best thing for Liverpool fans is that they are still improving and they are getting better year on year. There is still more to come from them.”

“They are fantastic to play with and when I look up, I’m never short of options. It is a pleasure to play with all of them.”

Speaking on the relationship between Salah and Mane, Robertson says there is no love lost between the two and other members of the squad.

“Their relationship is really strong just like every other relationship in the squad and that is why over the last couple of years we have been quite successful.”

“You get nowhere without these relationships.”