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There are major three clubs after Martin Odegaard

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Due to his rising talent at Arsenal, Martin Odegaard has at least three major clubs who are interested in signing him by next summer. 

One would think Martin Odegaard is not as valuable as other players, but there are at least three major clubs after him. According to a report from Sport, the Norwegian star is currently pursued by the likes of Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich. We have already heard from Pep Guardiola himself, he believes Odegaard is an exceptional player with a lot of untapped potentials.

In fact, this type of player would fit perfectly into the well-established system that the Catalan manager has built over the years. His other options are also quite attractive, if he decided to leave Real Madrid for good. Keep in mind that Odegaard is currently on a loan at Arsenal but he has to make a decision about his future as soon as the current season is over. Both Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain are also interested in his transfer, according to the report. 

Odegaard would like to leave, Zidane doesn’t. 

The report suggests that the midfielder is actually keen on leaving Real Madrid in the summer, regardless of the club. His time under Zidane’s management wasn’t the best because he didn’t have many minutes to play. Now that he is having those minutes at Arsenal, Martin loves the idea of going to a different club to keep growing as a footballer.

Although his release clause goes up to €350 million, it’s not hard to convince Florentino Perez to let him leave. If a good offer comes, they will hear it because they want to get income to sign Kylian Mbappe. However, Perez would be keen on using Odegaard as a bargaining chip with PSG for a potential trade. We will see what the player decides as soon as the season is over.