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Theo Hernandez takes a dig at Real Madrid for lack of minutes

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During a recent interview, Theo Hernandez took a cheeky dig at Real Madrid for not giving him enough opportunities to play frequently. 

Theo Hernandez is the classic example of a good player who simply doesn’t cut it at Real Madrid. When he left Los Blancos and started playing more for AC Milan, he finally gave us a glimpse of his true potential. Today, he is one of the Rossoneri’s most important players who is currently fighting to win the Serie A title. Just like it happens with other hurt players, Theo took the opportunity to take a dig against his former club. However, he failed to analyze why he wasn’t given those opportunities he wanted.

As the most successful club in football history, Real Madrid can only make the best players shine. Those who lack that greatness tend to fall into obscurity and become failures. We are not saying this is Theo’s case, only that he probably needs to analyze his situation better. He recently spoke to a famous Italian magazine about his former club, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the pending call-up from France. 

Theo sounds bitter against Real Madrid. 

“At Madrid, maybe I was too young. If you don’t play it’s difficult to show what you’re worth,” he told Sportsweek, the magazine of La Gazzetta dello Sport. “[Zinedine] Zidane is nice, but he speaks less [than AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli]. With the Italian we have a lot of fun, he gave me confidence. Zlatan gives us bravery, advice and sometimes he tells us off. When I came back from my vacation he said, ‘Where are you going with 90 kilos?’ I’d put on a bit of weight.

“But he also tells me I’m very good and I should be the best. We’re having a great year and everyone deserves credit. I’m hoping that they call, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a dream for me to play with my brother in the French national team. When I rejected the call-up to the under 21s I was young, I didn’t realize its importance. Now I’ve been playing to get a call-up for two years and I always have my phone in my hand waiting for it.”