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The wild story of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s motorcycle ride

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As he recovers from an injury, Zlatan Ibrahimovic starred in a real-life story of a wild motorcycle ride on Thursday that he even documented. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is currently injured but he is still riding motorcycles with strangers and risking his physique. We are not bluffing, this really happened last Thursday right before the legendary Sanremo Music Festival took place. As some of you may know, the Swedish striker was scheduled to sing a duet with Sinisa Mihajlovic at this festival. Zlatan decided to attend the event with his personal driver.

As a famous footballer, he always rides to public events on a black van in order to avoid the press. But he decided to get there during rush hour and he nearly didn’t make it. About 60 miles from the place where the festival took place, Ibra made an audible and decided to hitch for a ride. Some lucky biker was asked if he would give Zlatan a ride to Sanremo and he agreed. 

Zlatan records his motorcycle ride. 

What follows is a surreal story of how Zlatan got to Sanremo Music Festival on a bike in time to sing a funny duet with Mihajlovic. After the event, Ibra explained the video and everything that happened before watching him on stage via Goal: “After three hours in the car, I told my driver to open the door to let me out,” Ibrahimovic recalled. I stopped a motorcyclist and asked him, ‘Can you take me to Sanremo?’

“I know, it seems incredible. I made the video because otherwise no one would have believed me. Did I take a risk? Maybe yes, but I’m not afraid to take risks and I couldn’t do anything else to get there in time. Only two people witnessed the scene, the driver and a friend. They gave me a GPS to locate me, in case the motorcyclist had taken me who knows where.”