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The way Cristiano Ronaldo can wear Man United’s number ‘7’

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There’s a way Cristiano Ronaldo might be able to wear Man United’s number ‘7’ after all, we will tell you what needs to happen first. 

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the number ‘7’ jersey again at Manchester United wasn’t clear when his return became official. As we all know, Edinson Cavani is the player who occupies that number and he just made this season’s debut last weekend. When Jadon Sancho made his transfer from Borussia Dortmund, it was reported that Cavani didn’t want to offer his number to the England international. His reasoning behind the decision is his vast experience as one of the world’s most prolific strikers.

When he left PSG, Cavani retired as the club’s all-time top scorer. But Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival completely changes the story because the Portuguese forward is a legend at the club. And more importantly, Cristiano is far more important than Cavani as one of the best players in football history. But even if Cavani decides to refuse to offer his number ‘7’, there is a small chance of him considering the number switch. 

Daniel James opens the door for Cavani. 

In a swift turn of events, Fabrizio Romano reported that Daniel James is leaving Manchester United for a shot at Leeds United. To those who don’t know, Cavani wears this same number with the Uruguay National Team. James wore the same jersey at Man United and it will stay free to grab for Cavani. As such, Cristiano Ronaldo might get his chance to return to the Red Devils’ number ‘7’ jersey.

If this happens, the legend will get his chance to continue his CR7 brand without the need of any modifications. If he wants any of this to happen, Edinson Cavani will have to agree to change his current number. But James’ exit from the club does make everything easier for both veteran stars. For now, they will play the international fixtures during the start of September and fix this issue as soon as they return.