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The UEFA Nations League’s final four are ready to rumble

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After a momentous group stage, we finally have the UEFA Nations League’s final four ready to rumble during the month of October 2021. 

The UEFA Nations League defined its final four on Wednesday after the group stage’s last matches were played today. We already covered the victories of France, Spain, and Italy. But Belgium is the other national team that today got the last ticket to this semifinal.

The Red Devils played for glory in a heart-stopping final match against Denmark in which the winner was taking everything. Even though the Danish did offer a decent performance, Belgium was simply too strong for them after 90 minutes passed in Heverlee. Youri Tielemans scored the opening goal with a long-range shot. Wind equalized the game early in the first half.

But Romelu Lukaku made his triumphant return from injury with a powerful brace that placed his side within minutes of the promised land. Near the end of the match, Thibaut Courtois nearly messed everything up with a horrible mistake that cost Belgium a goal. However, Kevin De Bruyne cooled things down with a beautiful finish that gave his side a 4-2 victory. 

UEFA Nations League promotions and relegations. 

Out of all the national teams in the UEFA Nations League, we also have four who are promoted to the A sector and four who are relegated to the B sector. The promotions include Wales, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. As far as the relegations go, we have Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland. The Final Four’s draw is set to take place on December 3rd.

We won’t know who will win the UEFA Nations League until we meet all four national teams in October 2021. Out of all the squads that played throughout this competition, perhaps Germany and the Netherlands were the biggest disappointments. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal also fell short but they were competitive enough to not consider them a disaster. Next up, we finally have club football back with non-stop competitions for the next couple of months.