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The truth behind Neymar’s decision to retire from Brazil

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We are doing our best to analyze the truth behind Neymar’s decision to retire from the Brazil National Team after the 2022 World Cup

Neymar dropped a massive bomb yesterday after announcing he will retire from the Brazil National Team once the next World Cup ends. This comes as a shock for everybody due to Neymar’s age (29). It’s uncommon to see a player hang up his boots in international football so early. There must be a reason behind this decision, right? We believe we have the answer to this precipitated call from one of Brazil’s best players of the last decade.

Although he already has an incredible career, Neymar has always struggled to win silverware with his country. The only accolade he has is the 2016 Olympic Gold Medal in Rio de Janeiro. Apart from that, the star has missed a few Copa America tournaments and lost the previous final against Argentina. His announcement came right in the middle of the World Cup Qualifiers Brazil is going through right now. But it’s hardly a surprise for anybody due to the lack of commitment we’ve seen from Neymar in recent years. 

Neymar never lived up to the standard. 

Don’t’ get us wrong, we believe Neymar has been a Top 10 player in the world for the last decade. However, his level of talent always made us feel he had what it took to dominate the world of football. The Messi and Ronaldo era was one of the biggest reasons the Brazilian star never made it all the way. He was part of the podium twice but he never really got to where he wanted. His decision to play at PSG after leaving FC Barcelona was supposed to be the way to win the Ballon d’Or.

But playing alongside Kylian Mbappe has also made him play the second fiddle to the Frenchman. It’s almost as if destiny didn’t want Neymar to become the best player in the world. Also, all the pressure against him must be draining for any player. His recent statement proved he is tired of all the spotlight and his wish is to get some rest. Retiring from his national team will only bring more criticism but Neymar doesn’t seem to care about it. If you take a look at his stats and titles, he has a better career than 90% of the other footballers in the world. But that will never be enough simply because he is Neymar.