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The reason Zinedine Zidane’s job is on the line at Real Madrid

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We will tell you all about the main reason Zinedine Zidane’s job is on the line at Real Madrid and what he can do to remain at the club. 

Real Madrid has given several chances to Zinedine Zidane this far. The French manager is considered amongst the most important figures in the club’s history. He’s been directly involved in five of the 13 Champions League titles. For this reason alone, ‘Zizou’ remains one of the most accepted individuals at the club, but his trust is quickly running out.

Zidane has a major issue with the players abusing his trust inside the institution. He made a series of poor decisions that can soon get him sacked if he doesn’t react quickly. Our job is to tell you all the details about the mistakes he made that could’ve made a difference this season. We will talk to the readers about the players who don’t deserve the gaffer’s confidence.

It’s time to talk about why he chose them over other great players who left last season in search of new opportunities. Real Madrid would be a very different club compared to the one ‘Zizou’ has today. Los Blancos just lost 4-1 against a poor Valencia side that was filled with replacements. 

Zidane’s capital mistakes at Real Madrid. 

Going by every position on the pitch, we have a list of players who should’ve left last season and another list of players who should’ve remained. Starting with the ones who shouldn’t be there anymore, we begin with Marcelo. The Brazilian left-back is arguably the one veteran who isn’t at his best anymore and probably won’t return to that level.

Isco has a similar issue, but the Spaniard’s main problem is that he simply doesn’t seem to care about football anymore. Luka Jovic also needs to take a hard look at the mirror and wonder why he isn’t performing at the level people expected from him. Zidane also made the mistake of letting some key players leave the institution.

Sergio Reguilon should’ve taken Marcelo’s place, James Rodriguez should’ve remained instead of Isco, and Gareth Bale could’ve fixed his problems with Zidane in order to keep Jovic’s place. All these decisions made by the Frenchman might be the reasons he could get sacked sometime in the near future.