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The reason PSG probably won’t risk Ramos this weekend

Sergio Ramos - PSG
Source: Official PSG website

It’s time to address the elephant in the room with the whole Sergio Ramos situation and tell you why PSG probably won’t risk him this weekend. 

We recently reported that Sergio Ramos is going perfectly well with his recovery from various injuries that prevented him from making his PSG debut. He has been struggling with fitness issues since last season, which is probably the reason Real Madrid dropped him. Sadly, Ramos is no longer the world-class player he used to be because of those injuries. At the advanced age that he is, Sergio playing as a centre-back is no longer as reliable as he used to be.

His better years are definitely behind him and PSG is aware of this. They only agreed to pay him what he wanted because they understand he is a football legend. However, they never intended to make him one of their most important players when he arrived. If they did, then Sergio Ramos truly managed the perfect way to con the entire board of directors. It was clear that he would no longer recover his best form simply by gathering all the information about him from recent weeks. But this doesn’t mean Ramos will give up on trying to return to some level of what he used to be at Real Madrid. 

Angers won’t see Sergio Ramos’ debut, for now. 

Out of pure precaution, Le Parisien reported that Sergio Ramos will definitely not return to activity next Friday when PSG play against Angers. Mauricio Pochettino advised against this decision from the player out of pure precaution. If they want to recover a part of what he used to be, Sergio will have to take things very slowly. He is obviously not going to risk another injury if you consider how many times he’s had problems over the last year.

In total, Sergio has only played 17 matches throughout the entirety of 2021. It’s always a different type of injury that keeps him out of the game. When it’s not some issue with his lower back, Sergio is having muscular problems in one of his legs. Although he keeps working out at the gym, that simply doesn’t seem to be enough to bring him back to full fitness. Ramos knows that age is starting to become a factor and his time to prove why he came to PSG is running out.