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The reason Kylian Mbappe won’t play in the Tokyo Olympics

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According to a recent report, Kylian Mbappe won’t be playing in the Tokyo Olympics later in the summer. We will tell you the reason why. 

Kylian Mbappe is absolutely eligible to represent France in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics that will happen next summer. To those who don’t know, the national teams that play this tournament have an age limit. All squads have to call footballers who are under 23 years old. Plus, they are allowed to call three of them who are over that age limit as reinforcements. In Kylian Mbappe’s case, he is under that age limit and should be eligible to play.

However, Le Parisien just reported that the PSG star just told the French Football Federation he won’t be part of the squad for the summer Olympics. There’s a compelling reason he made this decision and the federation completely understands. Around that time, there is a lot of activity that will keep Mbappe quite busy with no time to do anything else. 

Mbappe needs to sort out his future. 

With all the transfer activity taking place during the winter, everything overlaps with the summer Olympics. This leaves Kylian Mbappe with no further options but misses the tournament completely. Le Parisien reports that the young star will be extremely busy making his decision to either star at PSG or leave.

For this reason alone, there is no chance for him to make it in time to Tokyo. Everybody knows Mbappe wants to play for Real Madrid, it’s the least kept secret in European football. But only two things can happen with the player: either he goes to Spain or he remains in Paris. Whatever he decides, it’s clear he will need all the time in the world to make this decision.