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The reason FC Barcelona didn’t sign Vinicius from Flamengo

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In another story of how a transfer never happened, FC Barcelona didn’t sign Vinicius when he was at Flamengo for a specific reason. 

Vinicius is getting a lot of criticism as of late at Real Madrid despite choosing Los Blancos over FC Barcelona when he was still a Flamengo player. That’s right, the young Brazilian actually had the option to choose the Blaugranas and he decided against it. This was when he was still a teenager who didn’t have the power to make decisions for himself. His parents were the ones calling the shots and making the trips with various football clubs.

There were options in England, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. Everybody wanted to sign the “next Neymar” for their club. They all wanted to pay at least €40 million for him. But FC Barcelona was the only real competitor against Real Madrid at the time, they pushed hard to sign the young star. There was a moment in which the media truly believed Vinicius was going to sign a new contract with the Catalan club. However, there was a specific reason the youngster decided against that. 

Vinicius’ devotion towards Real Madrid. 

During the time when he was about to make a decision, the player had those two options to choose from. In his mind, there was always one club that he wanted regardless of the many suitors. As a kid, Vinicius grew up watching Los Blancos win four Champions League titles in five seasons. That was more than enough for him to make up his mind about the club he wanted to represent. Real Madrid was, and still is the best club in the world for Vinicius. 

Jugones reported that Vinicius spoke to his father through Whatsapp to tell him what he wanted: “I had little time to choose where I wanted to play. When I returned from the U-17 South American Championship, my parents went to Barcelona and they had to go to Real Madrid two days later. I was very clear to my father. All I wanted was to sign for the best club in the world: Real Madrid.”