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The reason Erling Haaland can become one of the best strikers in history

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Let’s take a look at Erling Haaland’s professional career so far, we’ll talk about the reason he can become one of the best strikers in history.

Erling Braut Haaland already is one of the best young talents in recent football history, he’s done nothing but mesmerize the world over the last year. We all remember the Under-20 World Cup match in which he scored nine goals against Honduras. That’s the exact moment we started following him as a professional player.

From then on, he has only grown as a striker without skipping a beat and burning through stages faster than any player we’ve seen so far. The Norway international is part of this new breed of players who are beginning to take the world by storm at a very early age.

As he started his professional career at Molde under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Haaland’s potent physique was a dead giveaway of the player he would eventually become. Watching him get past defenders with his speed almost seems like watching an academy game in which an older kid plays younger categories.

The difference here is that we are witnessing professional football and Haaland is looking ahead of the rest. He may still be at the early stage of his career but his numbers already speak for themselves. UEFA just released a breakdown of his numbers as a pro that would leave anyone’s jaw on the floor.

So far, Haaland played 6 international matches and scored six goals with Norway. He also played in 14 UEFA club competition games and scored 14 goals. On the domestic level, he’s played 73 matches and scored 48 goals thus far. Don’t forget he just turned 20 years old. Those numbers are wild. 

The Bundesliga is perfect for his progression. 

Another aspect that makes us think Erling Haaland will become one of the best strikers in the world is his decision-making process. Having a former professional footballer as a father is a major trump card for him. Alf-Inge Haaland has a pretty good idea of the stages his son needs to go through in order to reach the top.

Instead of quickly going from Molde to a club like Manchester United, they took the decision to play at RB Salzburg for a while. The Austrian league seemed like a perfect environment with less pressure for a teenager with his level of skill. After that, the Bundesliga seemed like the obvious next step for Erling’s father and Dortmund gave them the ideal place to keep growing.

It hasn’t even been a year since he arrived and the striker is already one of the club’s biggest stars. Until this moment, he’s already scored 17 goals in 18 Bundesliga games. These numbers are hard to believe from a 20-year-old. Hopefully, Haaland can continue his rise to stardom without going through any major issues. These types of players emerge once every generation, we have no doubts that he will become one of the greats by the time he is 25.