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The obstacle that stands in the way of Leo Messi’s renewal

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We are here to give you the latest update on Leo Messi’s future at FC Barcelona and the obstacle that stands in the way of his renewal. 

Perhaps calling Leo Messi’s new contract at FC Barcelona a renewal is no longer logical because he is currently a free agent. But for many, Messi signing this new contract is technically a new transfer for the Catalan club. Inside the institution, Joan Laporta figures convincing Messi is much easier than going after one of the top players on the market right now. Trying to sign a player like Harry Kane or Erling Haaland would be more hassle and possibly even more expensive than keeping the Argentine.

That’s the main reason they haven’t made any intentions to go after a world-beater public. For now, all they care about is trying to get Messi to stay for the next two seasons. Even though he is already 34 years of age, the Argentina captain is still playing at the top of his game. He keeps proving he is the best with his Copa America exploits on a weekly basis right now. As long as he remains playing at this level, Messi will be appealing to any club in the world. But there’s a clear obstacle that stands in FC Barcelona’s way right now. 

FC Barcelona’s salary cap. 

In recent days, we heard Javier Tebas sending FC Barcelona an ultimatum about their salary cap. If they don’t fix this issue, signing Leo Messi again is practically impossible. This is where specific situations come into play with some players within the club. Ronald Koeman wants Miralem Pjanic, Samuel Umtiti, Antoine Griezmann, Martin Braithwaite, Philippe Coutinho, and Ousmane Dembele out of the club ASAP. The problem is that most of these players are currently refusing to leave the club because they have an active contract.

Dembele’s case is special due to his recent injury but the rest aren’t even showing a shred of dignity. They don’t seem to care if Barcelona can’t sign Messi back but Laporta should find a way to kick them off the club. We have the entire month of July to find a proper destination for every single player who doesn’t fit in Barcelona’s project for the next season. Even though Messi doesn’t look worried, the fans are starting to get impatient.