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The 50 most valuable sports teams have been revealed

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The 2023 rankings for the world’s most valuable sports teams are out, featuring clubs in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the Premier League.

The Dallas Cowboys remain the world’s most valuable sports team, according to a report from Forbes.

34 years since Jerry Jones’ $150 million takeover in 1989, the Cowboys are now worth $9 billion. The NFL outfit has seen an 80% increase in value over the past five years and was ranked No.1 in Forbes’ 2022 list as well.

Coming in second on the list is the New York Yankees, with a current value of $7.1 billion. The MLB team is owned by the Steinbrenner family and was purchased in 1973 for $8.8 million. The Yankees have seen a 78% increase in value over the past five years and have moved up two spots in the ranking.

The Golden State Warriors and the New England Patriots tie for third place on the list, each with a current value of $7 billion.

The Warriors, owned by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, were purchased in 2010 for $450 million. The seven-time NBA champions have seen a 126% increase in value over the past five years. In contrast, the Patriots, have had an 84% increase in value over the same period. Robert Kraft purchased the six-time NFL Super Bowl winners for $172 million in 1994.

Seven European football teams make the list

Overall, NFL teams dominate the list, with 30 of the 50 spots occupied by American football franchises. MLB and NBA teams also feature prominently, with five and six spots on the list, respectively.

Seven European football teams made the top 50 in Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Out of these seven clubs, Real Madrid have the highest current value at $6.07 billion. The Spanish LaLiga giants sit 11th in the rankings overall.

Ferrari and Mercedes, two Formula One teams, made up the rest of the list.

1.Dallas Cowboys$9bnNFL
2.New York Yankees$7.1bnMLB
3.Golden State Warriors$7bnNBA
4.New England Patriots$7bnNFL
5.Los Angeles Rams$6.9bnNFL
6.New York Giants$6.8bnNFL
7.Chicago Bears$6.3bnNFL
8.Las Vegas Raiders$6.2bnNFL
9.New York Knicks$6.1bnNBA
9.New York Jets$6.1bnNFL
11.Real Madrid$6.07bnLa Liga
12.Washington Commanders$6.05bnNFL
13.Manchester United$6bnPremier League
13.San Francisco 49ers$6bnNFL
15.Los Angeles Lakers$5.9bnNBA
16.Philadelphia Eagles$5.8bnNFL
17.Miami Dolphins$5.7bnNFL
18.Barcelona$5.508bnLa Liga
19.Houston Texans$5.5bnNFL
20.Liverpool$5.288bnPremier League
21.Denver Broncos$5.1bnNFL
22.Seattle Seahawks$5bnNFL
23.Manchester City$4.99bnPremier League
24.Bayern Munich$4.86bnBundesliga
25.Los Angeles Dodgers$4.8bnMLB
26.Atlanta Falcons$4.7bnNFL
27.Minnesota Vikings$4.65bnNFL
28.Baltimore Ravens$4.63bnNFL
29.Pittsburgh Steelers$4.625bnNFL
30.Cleveland Browns$4.62bnNFL
31.Green Bay Packers$4.6bnNFL
32.Boston Red Sox$4.5bnMLB
33.Tennessee Titans$4.4bnNFL
34.Indianapolis Colts$4.35bnNFL
35.Kansas City Chiefs$4.3bnNFL
36.Paris Saint-Germain$4.21bnLigue 1
37.Tampa Bay Buccaneers$4.2bnNFL
38.Los Angeles Chargers$4.15bnNFL
39.Chicago Cubs$4.1bnMLB
=39Chicago Bulls$4.1bnNBA
=39Carolina Panthers$4.1bnNFL
42.New Orleans Saints$4.075bnNFL
43.Boston Celtics$4bnNBA
=43Jacksonville Jaguars$4bnNFL
=45Los Angeles Clippers$3.9bnNBA
=47Arizona Cardinals$3.8bnNFL
49.San Francisco Giants$3.7bnMLB
=49Buffalo Bills$3.7bnNFL