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The most overrated players in Premier League (2023-24)

Rashford at Man Utd
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Let’s take a look at eight EPL players who have struggled to live up to the hype around them this season.

It’s easy to fall for the hype around certain players during the summer transfer window, where blockbuster deals often overshadow the assessment of a player’s true impact on the pitch.

But almost halfway into the 2023-24 season, it might be a good time to adjust our evaluation of some of the Premier League players and their current form.

Fabio Silva

Fabio Silva, the Wolves striker, has been a point of discussion due to his consistent presence on the field despite a lacklustre goal-scoring record. With only five goals in 72 games, Silva’s £35 million price tag seems hefty for the minimal impact he has had.

Tomas Soucek

While Tomas Soucek had a remarkable spell during lockdown, the hype around him has endured despite a subsequent dip in form. Valued at €35 million (£30.6m), Soucek’s price seems inflated for a player living off past glory and struggling to maintain consistency.

Max Aarons

Max Aarons, despite being a staple at Norwich City, faces scrutiny as he transitions to the Premier League with Bournemouth. Relegated twice as Norwich’s first-choice right-back, doubts linger over Aarons’ ability to perform consistently at the top level.

Kevin Schade

Brentford’s record signing, Kevin Schade, has yet to justify his price tag. Despite scoring one goal, Schade’s overall impact remains questionable. Currently injured, he needs to prove his worth upon returning to the pitch.

James Trafford

Burnley’s goalkeeper James Trafford, recruited after a successful season at Bolton, faces the challenge of being thrust into the Premier League without adequate readiness. Valued at around £20 million, Trafford’s inexperience and the demanding nature of the league cast shadows on his overrated status.

Cristian Romero

Cristian Romero, highly rated by his Tottenham fanbase, has a place on our list due to concerns about his reliability. While recognized as a good defender, his inconsistency leaves room for improvement before being hailed as one of the world’s best in his position.

Levi Colwill

Chelsea‘s Levi Colwill, though impressive during a loan stint at Brighton, is subject to overenthusiastic hype, possibly fueled by his youth. The excitement around Colwill, while valid to some extent, needs to be tempered, recognizing his potential without exaggeration.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford’s inclusion might raise eyebrows, given his previous exploits. However, the current season has seen a dip in form, leading to questions about his impact without regular goal contributions. Despite past achievements, Rashford finds himself labelled as overrated in the ongoing campaign.