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The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game: The Worst Teams in Top 5 Leagues of Football History

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In the annals of professional football history, there have been teams that have risen to glory, capturing the hearts of millions with their skill and determination.

But for every triumph, there are those who have faced the bitter taste of defeat. Today, we take a journey through the darkest side of the beautiful game, exploring the stories of five teams whose struggles on the field have etched their names into footballing infamy.

5. Derby County (2007-08 Premier League Season)

The 2007-08 season for Derby County in the Premier League is remembered as one of the toughest in English football history. Derby finished with one win, eight draws, and 29 losses, totaling a mere 11 points. They scored only 20 goals while conceding 89, resulting in a goal difference of minus 69. From the start, Derby County found themselves outmatched, unable to cope with the pace, skill, and physicality of their opponents. Their only victory came in September against Newcastle, providing a brief moment of joy in an otherwise dismal season. Derby County set several unwanted records, including the fewest points, fewest wins, most goals conceded, and the longest winless streak in Premier League history.

4. Tasmania Berlin (1965-66 Bundesliga Season)

The 1965-66 season for Tasmania Berlin stands out for all the wrong reasons. Promoted unexpectedly due to the disqualification of another team, Tasmania Berlin quickly descended into a nightmare of heavy defeats and record-breaking lows. They finished with two wins, four draws, and 28 losses, resulting in eight points. They scored only 15 goals while conceding 108, giving them a goal difference of minus 93. One of their rare victories came against Karlsruher SC, but such moments were few and far between. A 10-0 loss to Bayern Munich epitomized their struggles. Tasmania Berlin’s season set records for the fewest points, fewest wins, longest winless streak, and most goals conceded in a Bundesliga season.

3. Sporting Gijón (1997-98 La Liga Season)

The 1997-98 season was the worst for Sporting Gijón in La Liga. They finished with a record of two wins, ten draws, and 26 losses, totaling 16 points. Sporting Gijón struggled to compete consistently, managing only 31 goals while conceding 91. The defense was particularly weak, leading to frequent and heavy defeats. A notable low was their 6-0 defeat against Barcelona, highlighting the gap in quality. Despite these challenges, a rare highlight was their victory over Real Oviedo, providing a brief respite from their struggles. Sporting Gijón set records for the fewest wins and one of the highest goals conceded in a La Liga season.

2. VFC Venezia (1949-50 Serie A Season)

The 1949-50 season was a challenging one for VFC Venezia in Serie A. They finished with three wins, eight draws, and 27 losses, resulting in 14 points. Venezia scored 26 goals while conceding 84, giving them a goal difference of minus 58. From the start, Venezia found it difficult to compete at the highest level, often outclassed by their opponents. A 9-0 defeat to AC Milan was a particularly low point. However, a victory against Triestina provided a rare moment of hope. Venezia set records for the fewest points, fewest wins, and a significant negative goal difference in Serie A history.

1. RC Lens (1988-89 Ligue 1 Season)

The 1988-89 season was particularly tough for RC Lens in Ligue 1. They finished with three wins, nine draws, and 26 losses, resulting in 15 points. They scored 29 goals while conceding 92. RC Lens struggled to find form and consistency, leading to frequent heavy losses. A 5-0 defeat against Marseille was indicative of their struggles. Despite their hard work, results rarely reflected their efforts. A victory over local rivals Lille was a rare highlight. RC Lens set records for the fewest points, fewest wins, and most goals conceded in a Ligue 1 season.

These stories of struggle serve as a reminder that football, like life, is not always about the victories but about the perseverance in the face of adversity.