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Biggest wins in Champions League history

Champions League ball
Credit: Janosch Diggelmann

What’s the biggest goal margin ever recorded in the Champions League?

The Champions League has witnessed some of the most memorable matches in football history, with teams showcasing their skills and delivering some astonishing performances.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest wins in Champions League history, with a particular focus on two games that ended with an eight-goal margin.

8-0: Liverpool vs Besiktas, (2007)

Liverpool’s win over Beşiktaş in 2007 is one of the most significant victories in Champions League history. The Reds dominated the Turkish side from the outset and scored eight goals, with Yossi Benayoun netting a hat-trick. The game was a clear example of Liverpool’s attacking prowess during that period.

8-0: Real Madrid vs Malmo (2015)

Real Madrid’s 8-0 win over Malmo in 2015 was a remarkable achievement that showcased their attacking strength. The game saw Cristiano Ronaldo score four goals, while Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick, and Mateo Kovacic added another. The win was a clear indication of Real Madrid’s desire to dominate their opponents and an ambition to keep the title of “the Kings of Europe“.

Games with seven-goal margin

There have been several games in the Champions League that have ended with a seven-goal margin, each one with its unique storyline and standout performances.

7-0: Arsenal vs Slavia Praha (2007)

0-7: Žilina vs Marseille, (2010)

7-0: Valencia vs Genk (2011)

7-0: Bayern München vs Basel (2012)

0-7: BATE Borisov vs Shakhtar Donetsk, (2014)

7-0: Bayern München vs Shakhtar Donetsk (2015)

7-0: Barcelona vs Celtic (2016)

0-7: Maribor vs Liverpool, (2017)

7-0: Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow (2017)

7-0: Manchester City vs Schalke (2019)