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The Argentina vs Brazil rivalry continues at the Olympics

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Even though the Copa America is over, the Argentina vs Brazil rivalry continues at the summer Olympics. Richarlison vs Rodrigo de Paul. 

The Argentina vs Brazil rivalry is several decades old and it continues today with the summer Olympics. All the Brazilian players were truly heartbroken after losing the Copa America final at the Maracana Stadium. There are some of them who were also called up to the Olympic squad in search of a new Gold Medal. In recent days, Argentina was just eliminated from the Group Stage after a 1-1 draw against Spain.

Whereas Brazil qualified for the next round and continue their road to another medal. But the Brazilians are still hurt from that Copa America defeat as shown by Richarlison. The Everton striker uploaded an Instagram Story in which he mocks Argentina’s elimination with him waving at a camera alongside some of his teammates. He wrote the following caption: “See you later, little bros.” This obviously didn’t sit well amongst all the Argentina players who won the Copa America. 

Rodrigo de Paul’s brilliant response to Richarlison. 

There were no Copa America champions playing in the Olympics, all of them were youth academy players who needed this experience. But Richarlison’s insult has consequences and someone eventually responded. Rodrigo de Paul is considered the best player at the Copa America final against Brazil. He decided to upload his own Instagram story with a picture of him looking down on the Everton striker.

This is one of those images in which no caption is needed, but De Paul did leave a few emojis that describe his feelings to perfection. We can already predict how rough the next competitive games between these two nations will get over the next year. There is special attention to the World Cup Qualifiers that are still pending between them. Unfortunately for Brazil, there is only one match left between them and it is set to play out in Argentina. If Richarlison goes there, all Argentina players will surely greet him with “open arms”.