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The aftermath of Kylian Mbappe’s failed transfer to Real Madrid

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After four attempts, we need to talk about the aftermath of Kylian Mbappe’s failed transfer from PSG to Real Madrid this summer. 

It’s official, Kylian Mbappe will not play for Real Madrid this season and he will remain at PSG for the next year. Los Blancos really did try to sign the youngster after three completely ignored bids that would’ve been wild to pay. Ever since Zidane and Florentino failed to sign him back in 2017, the Spanish club’s president has kept his distance. He didn’t want to mess up the good relationship he had with the French giants. Every single time a rumor of Real Madrid going after Mbappe surfaced, Florentino denied everything while thinking he could eventually cease his moment.

After two completely blank summer transfer windows, it was finally time to make his move but he knew how difficult it was. To those who don’t know, the Arab world functions in a very different way compared to the rest of us. Rich people there tend to be part of royal families and they don’t usually sell their assets. In fact, asking to buy from them is considered an insult that they don’t easily forget. Just ask FC Barcelona how they fared when they attempted to sign players like Thiago Silva or Marco Verratti. 

Florentino’s three offers were completely ignored. 

Knowing how tough negotiating with them would be, Florentino Perez still trusted the player’s willingness to play for Real Madrid. But his efforts were completely ignored every single time. The first offer came, it was €160 million and PSG only responded through the press. If Florentino Perez wanted to sign Mbappe, he needed to break the transfer market record set by Neymar and PSG back in 2017. They needed to present a €223 million offer in order to get their attention.

However, Los Blancos considered that €160 million was already too much during a global pandemic. PSG owners didn’t care one bit, they even had the nerve to turn down another two offers. The second one reached a staggering €180 million and was also ignored. Things started to escalate during the transfer deadline but not even €200 million got PSG’s attention. Meanwhile, Mbappe knew that missing his shot meant he would have to get enormous pressure to renew his contract for PSG over the next year. The question here is: can Kylian take all this pressure or will he give up on his dream of playing for Real Madrid? Only time will tell.