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Tevez explains his lack of desire for football

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While having a chat with ESPN, Carlos Tevez expressed his lack of desire for football after parting ways with Boca Juniors this year.

Carlos Tevez admitted that he does not possess the feeling of passion for football like he used to before while playing at Juventus, Manchester United, and Manchester City, and his former club Boca Juniors.

The 37-year-old said his goodbyes to the Argentine club back in June. However, the veteran refused to officiate his retirement from football after his third spell Boca.

Nevertheless, Tevez is expecting himself to play at a club soon despite enjoying life outside the field.

“I don’t feel the desire to be there when the ball is rolling. On Saturday I had a wedding while Boca were playing. And inside I thought that, if I were playing, I’d be missing the wedding,” the ex-Argentina international explained to ESPN

“If that result (a 1-0 defeat to Gimnasia) happened like that, I wouldn’t go because I’d be angry. And I wouldn’t take any photos or have a drink; everyone would say Boca lost and Tevez was out partying. Football is like that.”

“Am I thinking about coming back? All my friends and family ask me, but I don’t know where to start. Right now I am enjoying the moment.”

“You start to wonder but in the meantime, I am taking care of myself. I would like something to grab my interest and motivate me or which brings something out of me. But right now, every time I watch Juventus, Boca or a team I’ve played for, I look inside myself for that fire to motivate myself to play for six months or a year longer. And I can’t find it.”