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Simeone explains why he won’t shake hands with Klopp post-match

Diego Simeone - Atletico Madrid, Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool
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The Liverpool coach should not expect a traditional post-match handshake from Simeone after their upcoming Champions League battle.


Diego Simeone did not shake hands with Jurgen Klopp at the end of Atletico’s 3-2 defeat against Liverpool earlier this month.

Liverpool and Atletico Madrid will play again in the Champions League on Wednesday. However, Simeone says he will once again avoid the post-match handshake.

“I don’t like the greeting after the match because they are the emotions of two sides in different emotional minds,” the Argentine said.


“I know in the UK it is a custom but I don’t share it and I don’t like the falseness it may include.

“I don’t know Klopp as a person very well but I know he is a great coach who has done great work at every club he has been at.”

Speaking in a pre-match press conference, Jurgen Klopp insisted he respects the Argentine.


“I respect a lot what he’s doing. Absolutely exceptional against a lot of strong sides year after year, really impressive.

“If I’d known he didn’t do it (post-game handshakes), I wouldn’t have gone for it. I expect we will shake hands before the game tomorrow.”

Liverpool are leading the Group B table with nine points from their three matches. The Rojiblancos are second by having a better goal difference than Porto.


Elsewhere in the group, Porto will travel to Milan to keep their qualification hopes alive.