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Shocking stats expose Bruno Fernandes’ struggles against the ‘Big Six’

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United
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The Manchester United star struggled to make a difference against a ‘Big Six’ club again in Sunday’s draw with Chelsea.

Nobody can dispute Bruno Fernandes’ overall impact for Manchester United over the past year, but his record against the ‘Big Six’ this season is a worry.

The 26-year-old’s moment of magic never came during Sunday’s 0-0 Premier League draw against Chelsea. He tried to make something happen, but the impeccable Blues defense had him covered all evening at Stamford Bridge.

The goalless display in London means Fernandes only has a single goal to his name in seven games against United’s fellow ‘Big Six’ rivals in Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool.

The one goal he scored incidentally was a penalty in the Red Devils’ 6-1 defeat to Spurs at Old Trafford in October.

Sky Sports, meanwhile, posted a graphic on Fernandes’ woeful record against the Premier League’s six biggest clubs, including Leicester City, before the Chelsea draw. It went viral on Reddit, and it’s easy to see why.

The Portuguese midfielder has only a single open-play goal and an assist in seven games, with an average player rating of 5.4.