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Samuel Eto’o reflects on FC Barcelona’s poor start of the season

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Amid their recent form, FC Barcelona just got analyzed by Samuel Eto’o, one of the club’s biggest legends from the modern era. 

Even if he is retired, Samuel Eto’o’s opinion on FC Barcelona should always be taken under consideration. We are talking about the player who scored goals in two of their UEFA Champions League finals. He knows a thing or two about successful performances at the Catalan club. It’s obvious that his love for the Blaugrana is undying, which is why he is hurt by the current situation.

If he had a chance to keep playing at the highest level, he would return without any questions asked. But all Samu can do right now is watch from a distance and keep supporting the club. As a youngster, Eto’o used to play for Real Madrid but the club from the capital treated him poorly. They didn’t believe in his skills and the salty man decided to play for their biggest rivals. The rest after that, is history. Eto’o became one of Los Blancos’ biggest headaches that lasted over half a decade. 

Eto’o hopes El Clasico can turn things around. 

In a recent interview with Marca, Samuel Eto’o spoke about FC Barcelona’s recent results. He also mentioned his expectations for El Clasico during the end of October: ​​”Recently, Barcelona have made me suffer. These are tough times for those of us who love the club. It would be hard to accept group stage elimination in the Champions League. I still hope they can go through.

“Barcelona have started the season badly, but the Clasico is a unique match and the players must make the most of it to change the dynamic of the season. Beating Real Madrid could be worth six points. Those of us who have played that fixture know it’s the most beautiful game in the world. I have played in Champions League finals, but I can say that the Clasico is unique. There’s nothing else like it.”