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Salah hints at a possible stuck contract deal with Liverpool

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In a recent exchange with the press, Mohamed Salah hinted at a possible stuck contract negotiation with Liverpool FC. 

Mohamed Salah repeatedly stated that he wants to remain at Liverpool for a long time as he wants to win all the titles he already won again. Both the Premier League and the Champions League with the Reds are still appealing to him. There was a possibility that Salah could sign a new contract before the end of the season but there is a major issue. Nobody at the club has approached him to discuss the possible renewal.

When asked about it, Salah seems as bewildered as the rest of us and this can become a real problem in the future. Considering we are talking about one of the most prolific players in recent Premier League history, many clubs would love having Salah in their ranks. The giants from Spain and other countries will be doing everything in their power to get Mo on their side. 

Salah has no idea what’s happening. 

Given all the rumors linking Mo Salah to clubs like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, the press is making inquiries to what he wants. Despite having sent the message for the Reds’ board to approach him, nobody has lifted a finger as of yet. As we speak, Mohamed Salah still hasn’t signed any document and he will be on the market during the summer. We can already start speculating on where he will play next.

However, all of this can change with a single sit-down in order to discuss the terms of a new contract. This is what Mo told Sky Sports: “No one is talking to me about that, so I can’t say much about that. Nobody in the club is talking to me about anything so I do not know. I said before that I want to win the Premier League again, I want to win the Champions League again. It’s a great thing to win, I’m just trying to win it again and again. Part of our job is to win trophies.”